Art Direction: Chris Larberg

The goal of this campaign is to revive Polaroid. Through their reliance on personal cameras, Polaroid failed to capitalize on their mobile instant printers. While people still had the ability to digitally share anything, Polaroid developed technology that would allow them to instantly turn those moments into memories.

Polaroid will couple with other businesses to promote brand growth through 26”x30” wall mounted photo booths. Rather than having the booth take the picture, all it will do is print. The photos come from the users themselves.

Inside the booth is a Polaroid Pogo Instant Printer, which when hooked up via Wi-Fi will crawl Instagram for establishment defined hashtags and print them instantly. Printing directly from patrons phones shows the customer how simple instant printing can be, while also showing Polaroid’s prevalence on social media.


In order to increase reach another set of print ads will run, targeted directly at consumers. The idea behind these ads show the ease of printing from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. An element of humor is also added to bring an additional personal touch to the campaign.