Art Direction and Copywriting: Chris Larberg

A pet service company, Scrappy takes its name from the dog-like characteristic as well as its main focus: poop scooping. Rather than hide behind bashful and ambiguous copy, Scrappy provides a bold and upfront approach to pet care.

Operation Poopless Parks

Pooplesss Parks is a campaign established to combat low awareness and a slow adoption rate. Once a week, members of Scrappy will go out into the community and sponsor parks for the afternoon, picking up poop and offering supplies and groomings.

The concept relies on blunt, type heavy design to quickly relay relevant brand information. By focusing on relationships of consumers and their pets, Scrappy shows how hiring a simple service can provide higher quality pet experiences.

Aside from print, a social media campaign is also utilized. Running specific banners on Poopless Park oriented posts, users become more aware of the campaign and touchpoints.

Guerilla Marketing is implemented to draw people to the parks who happen to be nearby. The Poopless Park logo will be posted on sidewalks and other surfaces, increasing in frequency the closer one gets to the park. Once at the park, Scrappy’s employees will scoop poop, as well as offer groomings and products.