Starbucks VIA

Art Direction: Chris Larberg

In Fall of 2013, Starbucks came to the University of Oklahoma to find out why college students weren’t buying Starbucks VIA. Trash was collected, interviews conducted, focus groups were organized, all to figure out that college students don’t associate Starbucks VIA with Starbucks.

The most valuable insight was that millennials react more favorably towards the Starbucks cup than just the Starbucks logo. The ads aimed to link the emotional appeal of the cup with Starbucks cup with the convenience of Starbucks VIA.

The campaign focused on driving the trial of Starbucks VIA, positioning itself as an integral part of the Starbucks Experience.
In-store displays allowed customers to receive individual VIA packets, thus increasing awareness, by donating $1 to help a local charity.